Talent Outlook

 -----Finding, Well-treating, Inspiring

          People are the fundamental development source for a company. To put suitable people on the proper positions and to motivate people to be conscientious directly relate to the existence of a company.

          Mencius said, “What is Talent? Virtue and capability makes a talent.” So, how to foster employees to be talents and human capital of the company is the ultimate target of our company.

         The company well-treat every employee, as each one is the fortune of the company. Firstly, each employee is entitled to various social insurances and housing fund; secondly, a series of welfare are offered, including accommodations, festival gifts, birthday gifts, annual health checkup; wedding gift, etc. Thirdly, employee career planning, providing personal developments; Fourthly, Key employees to grow with the company; Fifth, to increase human resources investment for the improvement of employee skills, capabilities, etc.

         Everyone has the merits and shortcomings. Our target to motivate our employees is to make advantage of the merits and to avoid the shortcomings, and to put suitable talents on proper positions.

        The company selects and inspires the talents in various ways, not only based on performance results. The company often has internal recruitments to provide opportunities for current employees. The salary is decided based on positions and grades to demonstrate employees’ value. Special welfare is also offered to respect the employees, and management chances are provided for the employees to show their abilities.

        In a word, we are eager to find talents, to well-treat and inspire the talents. All that is gold will glitter.

Recruitment department: Human Resources Department

Number of applicants: 2

Location: Changshu

Job description:

1 、 responsible for CNC machine tool assembly.

2 、 participate in the debugging of CNC machine tools.

3 、 other work arranged by leader

Job requirements:

1, high school degree or above, mechanical major,

2 、 experience in assembly machine tools.

3, general CNC machine tools will be simple operation.

4 、 understand the simple operation of CNC machine tools

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